Hello and thank you for considering the PureOne Services family. I am Jerry Fisher, one of the owners. I look forward to discussing our mutual opportunity to help those in need while building a sustainable business.

I grew up in a rural area of Missouri, close to the bootheel. There were about 600 people in my town which taught me how important it is to take care of friends, neighbors, and family. My mother is a retired schoolteacher and my father retired as a Service Technician for IBM. They taught me to respect others, be honest, and work hard to be successful in life. I understand and respect how fortunate I was, and still am, to have such awesome parents. The values they gave me are the foundation of my personal and professional life and I am grateful for their guidance.

After high school, I moved to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri. I graduated with a business degree in 1996. I accepted an insurance claims adjuster job with State Farm Insurance, who transferred me to St. Louis. While working at State Farm, I enrolled in graduate school and completed my MBA. A couple years after moving to St. Louis, I accepted a position at Farmers Insurance and enjoyed 16 years helping customers recover from devastating events. I started as an adjuster, promoted a few times within the claims department and finished my Farmers career as a member of the National Claims Strategy Team. After 20 years in corporate America it was time for a change, so my corporate career came to an end when I decided to start my own company. This was a huge decision for me and my family, and it has been an exciting ride! I’m happy to discuss it in detail with you someday!

Jill is my wife and mother to our 4 children: Riley, Gracie, Remington, (Remi) & Samuel (Sam). We met through a mutual friend and it did not take long for me to realize how special of a person she is and how fortunate I would
be to have her in my life permanently. Fortunately, she ended up feeling the same way about me and accepted my marriage proposal. Jill is a great spouse & mother, but I also brag about her career as a CFO of a large Real Estate company in St. Louis. She is truly an amazing woman. Three of our children are now adults but we still spend a lot of time together as a family, which is perfect for Jill & I. We are patiently waiting for our family to grow even bigger once the kids find their “perfect match”.

At PureOne Services, we are proud of our People First Values and treat everyone as a family; business partners, employees, and customers. We have lived the excitement, stresses, challenges, and rewards of starting a new business and are ready to guide you through the experience. Only you can decide if PureOne Services is the right fit and I wish you the best with whatever decision you make for your future. If you become a member of our family, I can promise we will use all our combined experience to help you build your future!!!