Please allow me to introduce myself… my name is Patrick Apoian, and I am one of the owners of PureOne Services. Thank you for taking the time to research our growing company.

I am originally from New York and moved to the Atlanta area in 1997 to marry my longtime girlfriend Sandra Apoian (you may have just read her bio). We have two children, a son Gehrig a.k.a. “Joey”, and a daughter Karaline. Nothing is more important to me than spending good quality time with and providing for my family.

In 2002, I joined the Atlanta Police department where I received multiple awards and commendations including Officer of the Year, The Distinguished Service Award from the Dekalb DA’s office, Emerald of the Year, Broken City Award, and many more. I was eventually promoted to Investigator (Detective). In July of 2011, I was almost killed in the line of duty, by a robbery suspect. After five weeks in the hospital and fourteen medical procedures later I was finally able to return to Detective work. As you can imagine such an event can cause a person to reflect upon what is most important to them. In 2016, I retired from the Atlanta PD to spend more time at home. In early 2017, my wife and I decided that we’ve accomplished many things together so endeavoring into something of our own would take hard work, but we had plenty of confidence that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t overcome.

Being my own boss has allowed me the freedom to be present during family functions, impromptu vacations, lacrosse practice, baseball, cheer, and every other facet of my family’s life. Working for others, and being a Detective never allowed me such freedom. Since starting PureOne Service with our amazing partners, we have not regretted our decision.

I do not know where you are in your search for a franchise or business, but I do know the stress and anxiety of taking that leap. I won’t pretend to know what is best for you, however, I will tell you that if you are looking for an opportunity to grow something that you can be proud of and surround yourself every day with people who will fight tooth and nail for your success then PureOne Services is the right choice.

Every location that opens will be personal to us and we look forward to developing lasting friendships