I am Todd Olson, one of the owners of Pure One Services Franchise and I also own Pure One Services in Minneapolis, MN, and Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Roseau, MN, which is a small town in northern MN. During my childhood, my parents owned several small businesses in Roseau. They taught me hard work, but more importantly, they taught me about people and how to treat folks right in both my personal and work life. These values are the foundation on which I operate my business and personal life today. I started Pure One Services in Minneapolis because I want to help people when they are most likely experiencing a very stressful event in their life. Subsequently, I started Pure One Services in Los Angeles to further Pure One’s mission to have a presence and help clients in all corners of the country.

Before Pure One Services

I worked in a retail customer service-driven business and operated a restaurant that I later sold. For 10 years I owned and operated what started as a small RV dealership and became the most successful RV dealership in Minnesota. I managed 8-15 people at one time. I sold that company in 2014 to billionaire Tom Smith and started to look for my next opportunity. I thought I’d do something small, I found PureOne and it started to grow faster than I expected. These experiences have helped me better understand the services we provide and work with our franchisees at a level that will enable them to be successful. I believe in excellence, and I strive to create an environment that will enable us to be number one.

We are committed to helping people in their time of need. Owning a business that is not only financially rewarding, but also personally fulfilling is a perfect fit for myself and my family.

During my free time, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my eight-year-old son and my family. My son had major health issues when he was only six months old, so I’ve learned to never take one day for granted. In our free time, I enjoy travel with my son. We often travel to my hometown of Roseau, MN to visit my mother, and we travel frequently to Los Angeles to work on the newest addition to the Pure One family.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with potential business owners from all walks of life and bring my experiences to each owner to help them be successful and dominate their respective markets. We are dedicated to each
owner’s success as a PureOne Services owner, and we are excited to show you the possibilities of owning a PureOne Services.