My name is Sandra Apoian. I am the President and CEO of PureOne Services Georgia. I own and operate this location with my husband, of over 20 years, Patrick. I am also partial owner of a few other PureOne Services locations. BAB Ventures, LLC was formed when partners and friends had a dream and passion to share this business and become Franchisors! I hope that PureOne is a fit for you so I can be a part of helping your dream become a reality.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island in a town called Farmingdale. I moved to Georgia in 1994 after my parents relocated here for work. At the time, I was dating my long-time boyfriend, now husband, Pat. Pat relocated to Georgia in 1997 where we were married shortly thereafter. We have lived in Cumming, Georgia since before we were married and this is where we are raising our two children, Joey and Karaline.

I am sure you are wondering how it is that I came to own and operate a remediation and restoration company and now a Franchisor for a national franchising brand? Well, I will say that I never in a million years saw myself as a business owner, let alone a Franchisor. Pat is a retired City of Atlanta Police Detective with over 14 years of experience. In 2011, he was severely injured in the line of duty. After 13+ surgeries and procedures, Pat attempted to go back to work for the Atlanta Police Department, but we soon realized that it was time for him to retire. With a new lease on life, Pat contemplated his next chapter. He had always wanted to own his own business and develop it into something he could pass on. He also wanted to put his background in law enforcement to work in a new career that would allow him to continue helping people. After PureOne Services was formed, we both realized that we had a passion for managing and operating this business and that it would also give us the chance to help others do the same. Now, that passion has developed into wanting to share that dream with you!

As for me…I am a cancer survivor. At age 17, after attending my first day of college as a Computer Science major, I was admitted to the hospital and later diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. I had to put my college career on hold until after I finished my chemo and radiation treatments. I went back to school a year later with new dreams, attitudes, and majors. I graduated in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree, from St. John’s University, in Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice. I started my career in New York working for a practice that specialized in medical malpractice. When we moved to Georgia, I worked for numerous smaller workers’ compensation law firms. Then I moved onto larger national law firms that specialized in Labor & Employment Law. Through the years I got to travel the country working on many union campaigns, but I have to say that traditional Labor & Employment law was what I loved. After Pat’s accident, I needed to be closer to home so I worked in direct sales so I could focus on Pat and being a mom.

Being a mom is what I love. My family is my “world”. I thrive on being able to show my kids that I can run numerous businesses, do their laundry, cook them dinner, throw them a birthday party with coordinating everything, and get
them to and from where they need to be all in a day’s work! I look forward to working with you and helping you develop your passion for your “world”!