IICRC Training

(Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In addition to our initial training program at our headquarters, you will have the opportunity to do training with approved IICRC trainers in Georgia. The initial in-depth training will be intensive, but training will continue throughout our partnership. All PureOne locations will be IICRC trained and certified.

Equipment Purchasing Guidance

We all have favorites but most importantly we have learned what works and who has the best prices. From day one we will share what we have learned. We will have purchase suggestion lists and in many cases, we have even negotiated group pricing.

24/7 Reception/Call Center

We have knowledgeable and professional people answering your calls. They will help get the caller or a message to you as quickly as possible. The work in this business generally starts with a telephone call. We know how important it is to have the right people partnering with us to help you be successful.

Insurance Claims

We have built relationships with insurance companies by responding quickly and fairly to claims. We will show you how to file an insurance claim and get paid timely and in full.

Lead Generation

We have an accelerated growth marketing system in place. These systems can be scaled for a major metro market or a micro market. Some of these include relationships with different lead generation companies, SEO, Google Pay-Per-Click, TPA’s (Third Party Administrators), marketing materials such as brochures, vehicle wraps and more.

Annual Convention

PureOne Services holds a FUN yearly convention where owners have the opportunity to meet one another, learn from one another and earn huge incentives. It is so important to us to have the ability to spend time with everyone from the PureOne family that our conventions are FREE OF CHARGE.


We offer support for all franchisees (business owners). This includes help with office work like accounts receivable, invoicing, and collections, just to name a few. We will also support you in the field with the sales process and completing the actual work.

Compassionate Service

None of this works if the customer isn’t happy, so we need to make sure we communicate clearly, give fair pricing, and treat people the way we want to be treated. After a disaster, all customers deserve compassion and understanding to help them through this difficult time.

Giving Back

“The PureOne Services Foundation” is a charitable organization to help give back to those in need in our communities. During time of national disaster PureOne will be there to help. One small company can only give so much, but as a PureOne family we hope to really make a difference on a national scale.