How to start a home remediation company

Major Market and Micro Market

One size does not fit all. Do you feel more at home in a small-town setting or are you looking to capture an entire metro market? We offer large (Major Market) 500,000 people territories. Our Micro Market territories consist of less than 500,000 people and will depend upon the location.

Semi-Involved Ownership

We currently have part-time owners who are running successful branches.

Profit Margin

Margins are high because we do some of the work others don’t want to do, and we need to do it in a fast and reliable way.

You WILL Stay Busy

This business can be recession and pandemic resistant because unfortunately there will always be a disaster. In life, there will always be trauma, blood, and death. Due to the ever-changing weather patterns, there will always be a storm, fire, or flood. As 2020 taught us… there will always be a pandemic. There will ALWAYS BE SOMETHING to help keep your business going.

Discovery Days

You will be introduced to our founding partners and spend the day discussing if this is the right fit for you. We will explain why we want you to feel as though you are PART OF OUR FAMILY and not just the owner of a branch. Discovery days are often held at our Headquarters in Georgia but can be offered at our other locations such as Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, or St. Louis, MO.

Estimated Start-Up Costs

In reality, we are all doing this to invest in our future, but this line of work may not be for everyone. The franchise fee investment will cost approximately $48,000 for a major market and $38,000 for a micro-market. Additional investment money will be needed for vehicles, equipment, and a location. Start-up costs are expected to be approximately $86,800-$139,100.

Revenue Categories

As you read on the previous page, we have many different revenue categories with an emphasis on BIO & TRAUMA CLEANUP. Each founding partner has experience in all revenue streams but has specialized in different ones. You will have the ability to specialize in some or all. Disaster relief is an unplanned revenue stream so when Mother Nature rears her ugly head and disaster strikes, you will have the opportunity to participate and help.

Home remediation company franchise

Highlights from Our Industry

• Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in 2018. It claimed the lives of 48,000+ people;
• In 2018, there were 18,800+ homicides;
• 1.2+ million violent crimes in 2019;
• In 2019, there were 90 natural disasters;
• Approximately 50,000+ claims for water damage loss filed daily;
• $21+ million in fire damage loss claims filed daily; and
• $200 billion in Property & Casualty Insurance claims per year.