PureOne Services has been very fortunate to be able to help with COVID-19 disinfections during the Corona Virus pandemic. We work with both the commercial and residential client and do both precautionary and “positive” disinfections. We have disinfected anywhere from 500/sf to 1,000,000/sf.

As certified Infection Prevention Experts, we disinfect the properties with a 2-Step Disinfection Process. In Step 1, we fog/mist the entire location with hospital grade, EPA safe disinfectants using ULV foggers. We use only products that are on the EPA’s “N” list. These products quickly kill the virus (as well as other viruses like Influenza, MERS/SARS and over 130 other organisms). The fogging/misting process ensures that all crevices and inaccessible areas are treated. The CDC says that it is proper to hand wipe all high traffic touch points. So, during Step 2, we go back through the property and hand wipe all high traffic touch points like door handles, light switches, sink faucets, etc. using the same disinfectants.

When we leave the newly disinfected property, we recommend a short waiting period of approximately 30-40 minutes which allows the product to dwell or dissipate before the clients reenter their home or office. The process is quick and once it is done, everyone can get back to life.

PureOne Services has contributed to making life during this unusual and inconvenient time a little more bearable for our clients. We will work with all new owners to help them learn this process so that disinfections can be done in their territories too!